by Gary Roodman
from A Number of Calculated Figures, 2000

FORMATION: 2 couples, Becket set

Part 1

A: Up a double and back, twice

B: Face your partner, set and change places while turning single; then face your neighbor and repeat, end facing away from other couple.

C: Lead your partner toward the side wall (the man on your partner's right), turn and lead back until your right shoulder with opposite. Turn to face that person in line-of-4. Then do half a hey-for-4 up and down, right-shoulder opposite to start. End facing up or down next to your opposite with your back to partner (man on the right). Repeat that, leading opposite up or down to start and facing your partner to start the half-a-hey. End meeting your partner in original home place.

Part 2

A: Partners side with their right shoulder (Shaw), and repeat with the left.

(repeat B and C)

Part 3

A: Partners arm right, then left.

(repeat B and C)