arranged by Cecil Sharp
from The Playford Ball Book, 1651

FORMATION: 4 couples, round

All hands into center, fall back; partners set, corners set. Repeat.

Partners arm right, then men join their left hands across to places while women skip round them, clockwise to places. Then arm left, with the men out and the women in.

Partners side; step right and honor, pass on. Side with the next, step and honor, pass on.

Original head couples (now at sides) lead forward a double, lead back and make arches, with the original side couples cast round, through arches and back. Repeat with side couples making the arches and head couples casting.

Arm right with next; arm left one-and-a-half and pass on. Repeat with next and fall into lines up and down the room, close together, original heads at ends of lines.

Join hands in lines and fall back a double, forward a double; turn single, cross over with person opposite and form lines across the room, original sides at ends. Fall back in lines, come forward; turn single and cross over with opposites to original places.