by Cecil Sharp
from Playford's English Dancing Master, 1651

FORMATION: Three couples, longway set

Part A

Couples move up a double and back twice.
Diagonals (Ladies 1 and 2, men 2 and 3) cross to each others' side, followed by lady 3 and man 1 crossing.
Repeat above position back to original place.

Part B

Side right, then left.
Lines of 3 fall back a double, then come forward.
1's and 3's arm right along your own side (except for 2's), then back to place.
Repeat fall back/come forward, then turn partner two hands once.

Part C

Arm right, then left.
Mens' line slips to the left, ladies' to the right.
First lady and third man join hands to start a grand chain until everyone is back home.
Repeat above with men going right and ladies going left.